Real stories of Progress

Neil's story

Neil lived with his parents until it became clear that he would need more care and support than they would be able to give in the long term.

From home, he moved into residential care, but very quickly, his father noticed a substantial decline in his wellbeing. He became frustrated and unhappy, not least because of the behaviour of other residents in the home. Unfortunately, it then took five years for all the professionals involved to agree that a supported living tenancy in the community was the best solution.

Neil moved into his new, semi-detached home with progress Housing Group in February 2010. He receives round-the-clock care and support, and his father made sure that he was closely involved in selecting his care provider, attending all the selection panel discussions.

It has taken him some time to adjust and to build up trust, but he is now happy and is thriving. He loves living in the local community where he grew up and gets out every day, often in the mobility vehicle, he now has at his disposal. He loves visiting nearby wetlands and parks to feed the birds and enjoys shopping and visiting the pub for a glass of coke.