Real stories of Progress

My life in Progress | Josh

Josh, 30, has autism and a moderate learning disability. He is a Reside tenant which will become known as Reside with Progress on 1 April. Josh has been living in his home in Surrey for the last four years, and he shares with two other tenants called Ali and Alex. He enjoys lots of activities.

“I like playing games on my play station and Xbox, hanging out with my friends and going for walks. My family home was nearby, so I know the area well,” says Josh.

Josh runs a games night for young people with support needs at his support provider’s office and it’s called The Hub. “I like it, it’s a good club to run, and people from the local area come along.”

His room is his pride and joy and shows his love of gaming, TV and films. For example, he has a life-size Deadpool mannequin, a Star Wars duvet cover and a Van Helsing statue which takes pride of place on the mantelpiece.

“My room is full of the things I like, but my best picture is the framed one of the spitfires above my bed. I had always admired it at my Grandma’s house, and so she left it to me in her will, and when she passed away, it came to me. It’s special.”

Josh is very independent and gets on well with his support staff. “I like the staff here; they are easy to get on with and help me,” he says.

Josh and his housemates enjoy each other’s company most of the time. “We have our ups and downs, but I like living with them. We’re adults; it’s nice.”