Real stories of Progress

My life in Progress | Adrian

"I was looking at apprenticeships online. I thought that once I find a more prominent company to work for, I'll learn more about the job if I work for a smaller company, there might not be as big as progress, there might not be enough jobs to lean on, but as I've progressed there's something new every day that I go out to and try and solve.

"I work with Richard, the gas engineer, and on the jobs, he takes me on and explains it all through step by step of what needs to happen, what would happen if this happened so if there was a different reading of the gas and there was a gas leak of the step-by-step process of what I would have to go through to find out so to make sure it's safe."

"I chose the apprenticeship over the other companies as they had a lot to offer there were all their schemes that I could roll into before starting the job so that it's out there for the future, so they plan out your future for you, helping you out in the next 10 15 years, unlike some of the other companies they don't offer that."

"I've had Adrian with me for about three months now, so he'll go through I think it's a three-year course spending most of the week with us, but then I guess he does one day at college a week Adrian is funny he's uh he's hard-working he likes to get involved and he takes a genuine interest in what we're doing so it's good to see long term for my career I would like to be a professional in the services that I can go out and provide I'm hoping to achieve well I'd like the certificates and then hopefully lead them to have a job."