Real stories of Progress

Meet John-Paul, Brian & John

John-Paul, Brian and John have grown potatoes in the garden as part of a vegetable growing competition run by their support provider Community Integrated Care (CIC). This was part of a number of person-centred activities that they enjoy at their home. They live in a Reside property which will become Reside with Progress on 1 April. Support worker Sam says: “They have had great fun growing the potatoes – and what better way to enjoy them than in a potato salad at a barbecue!”

During lockdown John, 57, began working for a Spanish restaurant in Liverpool called Lunya. He delivers meals to CIC schemes in and around the city fortnightly, with support from staff. So when the flower growing competition was launched by CIC to celebrate the rugby world club nations, it was a happy coincidence that the tenants were given Spain!

“We brainstormed with the guys about what to plant, what they knew about Spain, and came up with the beach theme for our planter. We even put together a video presentation about our ideas for CIC,” says Sam.

Brian, 70, has lived the longest at the property, for 18 years. He has a pet dog called Tina who was a rescue dog. “She’s a staff cross, we all love her!” says Sam.

John-Paul, 39, loves living at the property. “It’s fantastic,” he says. “It’s like living with a second family. There are lots of activities. The neighbours are very friendly too.”