Real stories of Progress

Meet Ben

Our tenant Ben, 24, lives in a shared home in Runcorn. He lives in a Reside property which will become Reside with Progress from 1 April. He recently won an award from his support provider PossAbilities for being a hero! One of Ben’s support staff, Cam, was struck down with chest pains and started to have a panic attack. With no other staff to help, Ben picked up the phone and dialed 999 to call an ambulance. He also managed to contact the on-call service too.

A scary situation, but Ben didn’t panic or feel scared: “I felt brave,” says Ben. “I’m really interested in First Aid and I watch a lot of YouTube videos about it.”

When the ambulance staff arrived they told Ben he had done really well. His support provider PossAbilities were so impressed they gave Ben a Hero of the Day award.

Ben was invited along to the head office but unaware of the surprise that the staff had laid on for him. When he arrived, they all clapped and gave him a gift voucher, a bar of chocolate and a certificate. “My Gran was very proud of me,” says Ben. “I bought a FitBit with the voucher!”

Ben has been living in his home for nearly four years now after leaving his family home to live more independently. “I’m really into technology and computers. I like gaming and my favourite is Road Blocks. I sometimes play it with my housemate Dan.”

Ben goes to a performance club a couple of times a week, and they are currently rehearsing their show. “I’m singing, and I’m pretty good,” says Ben.

Lockdown wasn’t too bad for Ben; everyone in his house kept busy. Ben took part in lots of activities online and on Zoom. He’s quite proud he learnt how to bake, though: “I made a chocolate cake!”

Ben loves holidays and would like to go on as many as he can. Trips to Blackpool are great fun and he likes to go on the rides, all except for Ice Blast: “I was petrified!”