Real stories of Progress

Linda and Hannah's story

Linda lived at home with her family initially but moved to various supported living schemes where she was placed with older people and she struggled to feel at home. Since moving to her scheme in Garstang, Linda has written a book telling her story of growing up with a disability and enjoying a full and independent life.

She says: 'In my previous schemes the support was not very good and I did not get listened to; it was wrong for me. I moved to a Progress Housing Property and my life has changed. I am a wheelchair user so my flat has been adapted for my needs personally and physically. I ask for things to be done and get listened to. My flat is super and suited to my needs.

Supported living works for me as I get staff who help me with my personal needs. They are there to listen to me and help me in my social activities. I learn more every day as the opportunity is there. I am more empowered as I feel valued and I am a real person. I am independent opinionated and happy with my life and I now get involved in meetings where I give my views about the services provided. I am looking to get more involved as time goes on.

My future is to be happy where I have control of my life....and I am happy where I am.'

Hannah moved into a supported scheme in Liverpool and has since made friends, grown in confidence and gained independence.